We are living in the midst of one of the most uncertain times in recent history. Your lives likely look different as you and your family mitigate the global pandemic. In our diocese, we have a new pastoral leader in Bishop Michael McGovern. In our parish, we collaborate with Blessed Sacrament Parish and discuss what our futures hold. Our individual and collective experience is stressful during this time of change.

Despite all of this, our ministry as the family of Our Lady Queen of Peace Church and School continues. Together, we persevere. Because, we know that no matter what, our God is with us! Now, more than ever before, we must rally as a community to move Forward in Faith.

This year, we are blessed to celebrate our 65th year as Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish! Our parish has 463 registered families and our beloved school provides an outstanding Catholic education to 175 students.

Throughout the past seven decades, the parish has conducted five capital campaigns to fund the construction, renovation and maintenance of our buildings and grounds. The most recent was in 2008. Since then, the parish and school have used operating revenue to maintain our infrastructure. The parish now has several key projects that need funds to complete. With the size of our parish and school smaller, we needed your help before the pandemic. Now, as the pandemic continues with no end in sight, we have a shortfall in operating revenue. We are launching the Forward in Faith campaign to meet the financial needs.

We are called to honor our past by working to fortify our future. Let’s take care of our home by making the needed repairs. Let’s take care of our family by ensuring that our staff and faculty have health benefits, especially during a pandemic. Let’s take the steps together to keep our parish and school strong. Let’s move Forward in Faith!

Our Lady Queen of Peace would like to offer an opportunity for every parishioner to participate in our Forward in Faith Campaign. The goal is to raise $350,000 to meet our parish needs. We are asking you to make a 2-year pledge. Payment plans and initial gift amounts are flexible.

Brick Tuckpointing and Repair on the School – $10,000
Reseal Parking Lot – $14,400
~Our 2008 campaign allowed for a completely new parking lot. It’s time to maintain the quality of the lot by conducting needed repairs.
Install New Air Conditioning in the Church – $50,000
~The 18-year-old system in the church needs replacement.
Technology Upgrades – $50,000
~Purchase 20 new computers for faculty and update technology
Replace Church Roof and Tiles – $80,000
~We must replace the 18-year-old roof to prevent further structural damage. Damaged ceiling tiles will be replaced
Operational Expenses – $145,600
~Pay Covid-related expenses and salaries and health insurance premiums for faculty and staff

Download Letter from Reverend Matthew Elie
Download Campaign Brochure
Download Campaign FAQ

Pray for our QP family and for this campaign. Read the campaign materials to better understand our parish needs. Make a prayerful commitment through your pledge/gift.

We respectfully ask that you return your completed letter of intent by Thanksgiving. Pledging to our campaign helps us anticipate what funds we will receive and plan accordingly for the campaign. All pledges help us achieve our goal. You may mail it to the parish office, drop it into the collection basket, turn it in at school or complete it online by completing the “Make a Donation” button below.
You can make your first payment immediately if you so wish. Otherwise, all payments will begin in January of 2021.

Download Letter of Intent

If you have questions, please contact Reverend Matthew Elie or any of the campaign committee members. You can find their names and contact information in the Campaign FAQ.